Trio jailed for 34 years for burning, kicking, punching and imprisoning Sheffield man in own home

Three 'dangerous and violent' men have been jailed for a total of 34 years for a month of attacks on a man they locked up after moving into his home.

Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward, aged 23 and Marcus Cullumbine, 20, moved into their 'vulnerable' victim's home and, with along with 18-year-old Shakaiyah Swindells, subjected him to a month of abuse in which he was locked up in a cupboard, burned, punched and kicked.

He suffered broken ribs, internal bleeding, burns and extensive bruising during the spate of violence in which he said he felt like a 'prisoner in his own home'.

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His attackers were charged with false imprisonment and wounding and found guilty after a trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Marcus Cullumbine

Jurors heard that Ward, of Garland Croft, Westfield, befriended the 40-year-old victim in early 2017 and shortly afterwards he turned up at his home in Westffield with Cullumbine, of Haigh Moor Way, Swallownest.

The pair announced they would be staying over and never left.

Along with Swindells, of Shortbrook Drive, Westfield, the gang 'subjected the man to several assaults over the space of around a month, resulting in serious injuries'.

Ward was jailed for 16 years, Cullumbine for 11 and Swindells for seven.

Shakaiyah Swindells

Detective Constable Dawn Murray, of South Yorkshire Police, said: "This group exploited a vulnerable member of the community and I am pleased they have been found guilty and sent to prison.

“Our 40-year-old victim found the courage to report sustained and serious abuse in June 2017 after months of being made to feel like a prisoner in his own home.

“His injuries at this point were severe, including broken ribs, internal bleeding, burns and extensive bruising.

“Our inquiry revealed that on several occasions, the victim was locked in a cupboard in his home against his will, while Ward, Cullumbine and Swindells were in the property.

Marcus Cullumbine

“The trio also subjected our victim to violent attacks where he would be burned, punched and kicked, as well as being threatened with further violence if he didn’t comply.”

Detective Sergeant Anna Sedgwick, who led the investigation, added: “They are dangerous and violent criminals who pose a risk to other people and I hope their guilty conviction reassures the community that we will not tolerate anyone exploiting and abusing vulnerable people.

“These three are now behind bars for lengthy periods for their awful crimes.”

Shakaiyah Swindells