Triple shock as mother carries IVF and natural babies at once

Freya, Olly and Ava.
Freya, Olly and Ava.
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A WOMAN told she would never have children was astonished when doctors revealed she was expecting triplets – conceived naturally and by IVF at the same time.

Marie Mellor, 29, suffers from endometriosis, which means she suffers from ovarian cysts and blocked fallopian tubes, and was told by doctors she would not be able to conceive naturally.

Marie Mellor with partner Marc Hutchinson. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Marie Mellor with partner Marc Hutchinson. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

She and her partner Marc Hutchinson, 30, of Cudworth, Barnsley, were overjoyed in March as Marie fell pregnant after a second round of IVF in Sheffield – but then doctors revealed a shock twist.

Ms Mellor, who was born with spina bifida, said: “When we saw the scan we just could not believe it – we were both speechless for a second.

“Then we burst out laughing, probably in shock. I was saying to the doctors ‘How is it even possible for me to have three babies when only one embryo was implanted?’.

“At first the doctors thought that the embryo had split into three. But the babies are different sexes and not identical so must have come from different embryos.”

Doctors believe that by rare coincidence she got pregnant naturally and through IVF treatment – resulting in triplets Olly Jack, Freya Carole and Ava Noelle.

The triplets were born eight weeks premature on October 30.

Ms Mellor added: “This time last year I hardly dared dream of having one baby – now I’ve got three. They’re my miracle babies and I am so proud that we all managed to beat the odds.”

The babies were transferred to Barnsley Hospital this week where they are all said to be doing well.

Olly, the biggest baby at 3lb 13oz, is already out of the incubator. Ava, who weighed 3lb 6oz, and Freya, who weighed 3lb, are still in their incubators.

Their proud father said: “I’m sure that looking after three children will be tiring but I can’t wait until we can get them home and be a proper family together.”

Ms Mellor said: “The doctors have told us that we will be able to bring the triplets home on Christmas Day – their actual due date. So it will be the best Christmas present that we could ever have asked for.”