Turbine maker ‘pleased’ with green funding

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OFFSHORE wind looks set to offer a much-needed industrial boom to areas blighted by the recession as the UK moves towards a low-carbon future.

Two vast wind farms planned off the Yorkshire coast at Hornsea and Dogger Bank will require the construction of more than 1,000 turbines, each standing about 400ft tall amidst the raging North Sea.

Along with other huge farms planned around the UK coast, the investment opportunities are expected to run into billions of pounds - with some 40,000 jobs being created nationwide.

Offshore wind farms are seen as a popular way of generating the renewable energy the UK now requires, lacking the visual impact of their onshore counterparts. Wind speeds are also far more reliable out in the North Sea than on land.

A recent study even found they can increase biodiversity, by offering new marine habitat to plants and sea life creatures.