tv’s cocoa channel: Innovator raises the bar on Sir Jimmy’s tribute show

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A BOY who created his own chocolate bar as part of a Jim’ll Fix It special impressed confectionery giant Nestle so much that it could soon be in the shops.

Joshua Greenwood appeared on the show – hosted by Shane Richie and in honour of the late Sir Jimmy Savile – on Boxing Day after he wrote asking to be Willy Wonka for the day by designing and making his own bar.

The eight-year-old had the idea ever since watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and when the Nestle factory in York accepted his request, he devised a bar that the company say could be available in shops next year.

Joshua, of Hebden Bridge, worked with Nestle and its branding partner Anthem, who have designed iconic classics such as Kit Kat and Milkybar, to create his Treasure bar.

The bar contains nuggets of edible pirate treasure in the form of a caramel, honeycomb and fudge-filled chocolate treat.

Joshua’s proud mother Alex, 39, an accountant, said: “Nestle say there are hurdles to overcome but we would be delighted if producing his bar could happen. It’s early days but this could be the entire dream coming true, he actually could be Willy Wonka.”

Joshua, who lives with his mother, father Graham, 41, a banker, and younger sister Katie, six, seized the opportunity when his mum saw an advert for the show.

Joshua, who was given a prototype sample of 50 bars and promptly handed them out to people he knew, said: “I thought the idea of a treasure chest would be nice for a chocolate bar and the fudge could be like coins.

A Nestle spokesperson said: “The Treasure bar is such a fantastic product with a very different look and feel to anything else out there.

“We know our consumers would love to taste it and we are looking to see how we can make it available in shops in 2012.”