Twins celebrate first year working together

Chloe (left) and Abigail Baldwin who set up a deisgn agency called Buttercrumble last year.
Chloe (left) and Abigail Baldwin who set up a deisgn agency called Buttercrumble last year.
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A design agency set up by twin sisters is celebrating it’s first anniversary and the duo are encouraging others to take a similar step and start up their own businesses.

Abigail and Chloe Baldwin launched Buttercrumble in Leeds at the beginning of 2017 after working for various design agencies.

The 23-year-old twins say the past year has been a steep learning curve but have no regrets with setting up on their own.

Abigail Baldwin told The Yorkshire Post: “It’s been challenging because we’ve spent a lot of time working out what will work for us.

“We’ve had to become quite focused with what we do. But it’s been really refreshing as well. We’ve been able to do what we want to.”

The twins grew up together and even achieved identical degrees in Graphic and Communication Design at Leeds University.

“It’s really lovely that we’ve been able to work together for a change,” says Ms Baldwin.

“Previously we were working separately at different agencies.”

Buttercrumble has a varied client base, says Abigail, but the startup worked with “young at heart” brands that retain a “playful” element.

Despite being twins, Abigail said that they both have different approaches to work with Chloe being more strategic and organised.

Abigail says she has more of a tendency to focus on the bigger picture. She advises people looking to take a similar step to Buttercrumble and launch their own business to “make sure that you keep focused and don’t diversify too soon”.

She added: “It’s about being nice, friendly and open to other people’s ideas.

“Giving a smile and being friendly to people can take you far as well.”