UK average petrol price stays below
130p a litre

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Average petrol prices at the pumps are still below 130p a litre despite a rise in wholesale fuel markets, according to the AA.

Petrol in the UK in mid-April averages 129.74p a litre, compared with 129.46p a month ago and 136.89p this time last year, the AA said.

Diesel is now averaging 136.26p a litre compared with 136.59p in mid-March. A year ago, diesel cost 141.76p a litre.

The AA added that prices looked even better for drivers holidaying in Europe this Easter. The pound is slightly stronger against the euro than a year ago, which means that average petrol pump prices, which were 2.5p a litre cheaper in France and Germany compared with the UK last April, are now typically 5p a litre lower.

Spain’s average petrol price has moved from being around 14p a litre cheaper than in the UK a year ago to 15p lower now.

However, a driving break in Holland or Italy will cost the British driver, with an added 17p to 18p a litre at the petrol pump, compared with what they might expect to pay at home.

But those Britons heading to the USA will be able to buy petrol costing just 57p a litre.

At present, the cheapest petrol in the UK can be found in Yorkshire and Humberside, averaging 129.3p a litre, while the most expensive is in Northern Ireland at 130.7p.

London sells the cheapest diesel at 135.8p a litre and Scotland the most expensive at 136.9p.

AA president Edmund King said: “Pump prices across Europe have a nasty habit of exposing the impact of high tax levels on road fuel in the UK – despite the long-term freeze on duty.

“The Government can at least take some comfort from Holland and Italy squeezing their drivers equally hard when paying tax through the nozzle.”