UK haven for foreigners without regard to their true plight

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From: TW Coxon, West Auckland Road, Darlington.

HAVE we lost the plot on migration? This question has been asked now for some time but little heed is taken by any political party, politician or government since the end of the Second World War.

Since then this country has been a haven for so many foreigners without regard to their true plight or reason for wishing to live here.

The floodgates were opened by successive Labour governments in the last 20 years as the statistics prove and these only reflect the known migrants but we all know there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands who are here illegally. We have witnessed the consequences for those politicians having the temerity to highlight the dangers of unabated access to the UK since the last war.

Future generations will not thank any government of the United Kingdom since the 1950s as we sink into the morass of cultural ill-will and nosediving economy which is unable to maintain the social structure as envisaged by Beveridge.

From: IC Balgue, Old Scriven, Knaresborough.

I AGREE most wholeheartedly with all of the comments in David Quarrie’s letter (Yorkshire Post, December 15).

It is about time we thought about what really is the attraction to this country for the world’s jetsam and flotsam. Our National Health Service comes to mind as the most singular attractive reason for coming here, followed by our other generous benefits.

I would also add that the above is why we seem to host most of eastern Europe’s population, perhaps in their eyes this country is the nearest thing to their old way of life.

I wonder if leaving the EU would perhaps also help in returning our once great country to its rightful people.

From: Phil Hanson, Beechmount Close, Baildon, Shipley.

ED Miliband’s admission (Yorkshire Post, December 15) that Labour made mistakes on immigration is the most deceptive statement I have ever heard from a politician. It is up there with Bill Clinton’s denial about sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Far from an error, as has been logged in the Yorkshire Post in years gone by, Labour took a strategic decision to flood our country with anyone who would tip the voting balance in their favour in the future.

There was no error, it was deliberate and now we are in a massive pickle. The hogwash that Labour gave us such as when Poles were coming here by the hundreds of thousands was that they would be here short-term and would return to Poland once they had earned a stash, this did not happen and will not.

From: Keith Bagot, The Terrace, Honley, Holmfirth.

I QUITE understand how David Quarrie is feeling in the wake of the results from the 2011 UK National Census (Yorkshire Post, December 15). In fact, I think many of the United Kingdom’s citizens are feeling this way.

I remember as a young aerial rigger between 1967 to 1971 working out of Blackpool all over the north west area between Liverpool and Manchester.

It was then I realised that 90 per cent of the immigrants coming into this country could not speak English. I don’t have a problem with people coming here from any of our Commonwealth countries, as long as they are able to speak the English language.