Busby son angry over Munich TV drama

THE BBC has defended its television drama about the Munich air disaster which led to complaints from the son of Manchester United legend Sir Matt Busby.

The film, which was aired on BBC 2 last night, told a dramatised story about the aftermath of the 1958 tragedy in which 23 people died, including eight of the team’s players.

Sandy Busby complained the programme, which starred former Doctor Who star David Tennant as coach Jimmy Murphy and Dougray Scott as Sir Matt, had been made without consulting the families and made hurtful omissions.

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He added he was ‘disgusted’ with the portrayal of his father who was seriously injured in the crash.

He said: “You think they’d contact the Busby family wouldn’t you? I was disgusted with the portrayal of my father.

“He had this camel coat on, and a fedora, and all through the film he was never seen in a tracksuit. He was known as probably the first tracksuit manager at that time.”

Mr Busby also complained that the drama did not include all the players that died or were injured in the crash.

A BBC spokesman said: “It was a dramatic choice to focus on the stories of Jimmy Murphy and Bobby Charlton but the same story could have been told in many ways as all are equally important.

“The story of the Busby Babes is of huge social and cultural significance in this country and this film is a respectful and fitting portrayal of the spirit of the club and community as they fought to overcome this tragedy.

“As soon as the film was finished, a private screening was arranged in Manchester for the survivors of the film and the relatives of those who lost their lives. No one came forward to object.”