Candid cameras may catch flytippers

Covert cameras have been put up in various areas around the Selby district to try and prevent fly tipping.

One area in particular that has been seriously targeted is Fairburn where illegal litter dumping is becoming a big issue.

Now, in an attempt to catch people fly tip in the act, hidden cameras are being put up.

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Councillor Andrew Pound, for the Fairburn and Brotherton area, said the area’s rural parts were particularly targeted for dumping due to their being isolated.

He said: “Selby District Council takes fly tipping very seriously and is very strict on it.

“I think Fairburn is targeted because it is a very rural open area near the A1 and it is very easy for people to stop and dump things.

“The cameras are put up whenever and wherever we need them and we do not tell people obviously.

“They have already helped us prosecute some people for the offence. Unfortunately people just think it is convenient to stop at the side of the road and drop their things.”

Rural business leaders have frequently told the Yorkshire Post that flytipping is one of their main problems.