Council now BNP-free as couple quit

BRADFORD Council no longer has any British National Party representation after husband and wife team Paul and Lynda Cromie declined the party whip.

Both the BNP and the Cromies were anxious to stress their decision to become Independents was “personal” and not the result of any rift. In a joint statement the couple said: “Lynda and I would sincerely like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past 10 years and let them know we are not leaving the council and will still represent them in exactly the same way as we always have.

“Lynda and I hope that we have not let the people down who voted to re-elect us by making this change. We, as you know, are committed to serving the residents of Queensbury.

“It was not an easy decision bearing in mind the number of votes we both got but we hope people will understand. We have not fallen out with the BNP and the parting was amicable.”

Councillor Paul Cromie added: “Nick Griffin, (BNP leader), is a personal friend of ours and although he was disappointed that we were leaving wished us all the best for the future and thanked us for all the hard work we had done over the years. We are now looking forward to the next stage of our lives representing our constituents without any political ties.”

The Cromies’ decisions mean the BNP and Bradford are now BNP-free while Calderdale has only one BNP councillor.