The end of May: Theresa's turbulent time in Number 10

Theresa’s May premiership is officially over today as she visits the Queen to formally end her time at Number 10 and make way for Boris Johnson.

Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May

Her journey since becoming the Prime Minister who promised to deliver Brexit but failed has been one of the toughest of modern times.

Praise for her composure, diligence and sense of duty quickly turned to criticism, earning her the nickname – Maybot.

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An early wound was inflicted when she called a General Election just a year after being crowned Tory leader. The secrecy around the announcement seemed at first impressive, but later showed her inability to reach out, win support and build alliances.

The disastrous election campaign that followed slashed her already small majority, forcing the Conservatives into a confidence and supply deal with the Northern Irish DUP – a decision which undoubtedly hindered her ability to deliver Brexit.

Throughout her time in office she promised too much to too many people. As the process of leaving the EU began she set out her red lines in an effort to appease the Eurosecptics on her backbenches.

In the end the promises became a stick to beat her with as it became clear that Brussels had other ideas.

In trying to fulfill her pledge to the British people that she would honour the referendum result, she looked increasingly isolated.

To get her deal through Parliament, she needed backing from Remainers, Brexiteers, Labour and the DUP. In the end she was opposed by all of these factions.

The standoff we see now between Parliament and the Government was a result of her inability to communicate or compromise.

It was telling that her most human moment was when she shed a tear announcing her resignation on the steps of Downing Street.

Undoubtedly she faced one of the hardest periods in office ever undertaken by a British Prime Minister. There is no question that she worked hard and retained her dignity, but in the end it was her personal flaws that ended her time at the top.