Favour returned for a
dog that couldn’t walk

A woman who was helped to walk again thanks to her dog has now returned the favour – after the pet lost the use of its back legs.

Gemma McKee, 26, has Cesar, a two-year-old Great Dane, to thank for helping her to walk after breaking both ankles in a diving accident.

But she was left heartbroken after her “rock” suffered a back injury, leaving him without the use of his rear legs.

Cesar suffered from fibro-cartilaginous embolism – a blocked blood vessel in the spinal cord – in January.

Determined to fight on for her beloved dog, Gemma went looking for a specially built cart which has allowed him to run again.

Gemma, from Paisley, Scotland, said: “My heart broke when the vets told me Cesar wouldn’t be able to walk unaided again. He’s been such an active dog. It sounds strange but I understood what he was going through –less than a year before Cesar’s illness, doctors told me I’d never walk again.”

Just as Gemma was getting back on her feet, Cesar woke whimpering and limping.

He was referred to a spinal specialist who said he would never walk again.

However, Gemma fought on, saying: “As long as he wasn’t in any pain, I was determined to help my devoted pet get mobile again – I couldn’t bear to see him looking so sad.”

Finding a cart for the ten stone Great Dane proved tricky though, with wheels of that size unavailable in the country.

But Dogs on Wheels in London copied a US design for £500 instead of £2,000, making him mobile again.

Since getting the wheels in May, his health has improved and he is back running again.