Harry off target as he tries his hand at archery

IT is a sport whose links with Royalty go back centuries, but Prince Harry's attempt yesterday to popularise it for a new generation was well off-target.

The Duke of Sussex with Karen Hood, head of the Injured Players Foundation, tries a diving glove as he meets scuba divers Tom Horay (left) and Tom Hugues

After an attempt at archery he seemed to think somewhat feeble, the Duke of Sussex threw his hands up in despair.

He had joined seriously injured rugby players trying out the sport at Twickenham, as part of their recovery.

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The Duke at first declined when Dani Watts, wheelchair-bound after breaking and dislocating her back playing club rugby, challenged him to have a go with the bow and arrows – but he quickly relented.

He first jokingly aimed his foam-tipped arrow at the press, but when he let it fly it bounced wide, and Harry said, “Oh come on!” in exasperation as he held his arms out in disappointment.

Ms Watts, like the injured players around her, has been helped by the RFU Injured Players Foundation, which has Harry as its patron and supports rugby players of all levels who suffer a catastrophic spinal cord or traumatic brain injury.

The former personal trainer from Reading said after meeting Harry: “He’s done this before and said that once you start you’re there for ages. You have 30 shots and you get just one in.”

Her advice for him was to relax.“You can’t shoot a bow properly if you’re tense,” she said.

The Duke joked with two men involved in a game of bowls, asking one who was easily winning: “Are you cheating?”

Meanwhile, Prince Charles inspected a pot of curried goat as he and Camilla visited a “gate-to-plate” food market in Honiton, Devon. He declined a sample but accepted a sip of fruit juice from the Bloom Berry Juice Company.