Jared O’Mara shuts his office for a month after losing all his staff

Former Labour MP Jared O’Mara has shut down his office for a month after all of his staff either quit or were fired, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O'Mara

The Sheffield Hallam MP currently has no one working for him either in his constituency or in Westminster and has thanked locals in advance for their “patience” as he scrambles to hire a brand new team.

He will therefore be unable to hold constituency surgeries or respond to phone calls or correspondence for around four weeks.

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In a statement, he told The Yorkshire Post: “There will be a temporary pause lasting several weeks before myself and my new team can recommence casework and correspondence and I would like to thank my constituents in advance for their patience during this transitional period.”

The independent MP also revealed that he will be moving to a new office.

He added: “I will soon be starting the search for new office premises suitable for accommodating an increased workforce and with improved public transport access and disability access so that my constituents who do not drive can visit me for appointments with greater ease and comfort…

“As soon as the paperwork process is completed and my new team all start their new roles we will be swiftly completing the change of office and I am looking forward to letting everybody know the address and location of our new base as soon as we're all moved in.

“Keep an eye out for further developments and news. I am certainly looking forward to the future!"

Mr O’Mara was elected as the Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam in 2017, before quitting the party in 2018 after being suspended over historic mysoginistic and homophobic comments made online.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Sheffield Hallam, Laura Gordon said: “This is unacceptable. The people of Sheffield Hallam deserve representation.

“As an MP, you are often the last port of call for people in truly desperate circumstances - who may not be able to wait 'for several weeks'.

“Mr O’Mara is getting paid nearly £80,000 a year to be an MP for the people of Sheffield Hallam. If he can’t do his job properly to ensure he and his staff support residents in their hour of need then he should step down as an MP.

“I hope that the Labour party have learned their lesson and will be vetting their candidates in future. By selecting a candidate for a position with this level of responsibility without even an interview, they have let down the people of Sheffield Hallam and we must demand better.

“I've already helped a number of residents with issues and I am happy to support any Hallam residents with any concerns they have. I've received fantastic support from Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians such as Paul Scriven as well as from Liberal Democrat councillors in Sheffield in dealing with the issues people have raised - but the reality is that as a candidate I don't have as much reach as an MP.

“I hope Jared O’Mara does the decent thing and step down so the people of Sheffield Hallam can finally move on from this sorry saga and get the representation they deserve.”