Manufacturers urge Government to improve ‘crumbling’ roads

MANUFACTURING FIRMS have pleaded for the Government urgently to invest in the country’s “crumbling” road network.

The manufacturers’ organisation EEF claimed there was falling confidence in large areas in infrastructure networks after a survey of more than 130 companies showed that a third 
believed motorways and main roads were poor and many said they had declined in the last two years.

The business group, which described the network of roads as “crumbling”, called on the coalition Government to announce an investment boost in next month’s Autumn Statement.

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EEF chief executive Terry Scuoler said: “These results
 highlight widespread concern that the quality of business 
critical infrastructure is declining rather than improving, 
with the deterioration of the
road network of particular 

“Roads are the backbone of 
the economy and the glue that holds the rest of the transport network together, with four-fifths of manufacturers saying they are critical to their business operations. Similar concerns exist about our energy and digital networks.

“The message from manufacturers to the Chancellor for the remainder of this Parliament is clear, complete the job on vital roads, energy and broadband projects. As far as industry is concerned these are far more important than redirecting planning resources to new aspirational projects.”

A Treasury spokesman stressed “Reversing decades of under-investment in our national infrastructure” is at the heart of the Government’s long-term economic plan.