UK's oldest woman dies at 111

The oldest woman in the UK has died at the age of 111. Ada Mason, from Upton, West Yorkshire, died in her sleep on Friday, her granddaughter said.

Janet Howse said her grandmother put her long life down to eating bread and dripping with salt every day, as well as "clean living".

Mrs Howse, 61, from South Kirkby, West Yorkshire, said: "She was a remarkable woman. Everybody liked her.

"She had a hard life but she was always really cheerful and never moaned like some women."

Mrs Mason was born on September 24, 1895 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She "vividly remembered" the sinking of the Titanic when she was 16, as well as the funeral of Queen Victoria, when she was six.

She left school at 13 and went into service with a family in Bradford.

In 1914 she married John Mason, a miner and they lived together in Upton until his death in 1962.

She survived all five of her children and has 12 grandchildren.

Mrs Howse said it was impossible to work out how many great-grandchildren there are because some of them have re-married or moved away. Mrs Mason spent two seasons with her husband at Butlins in Filey, North Yorkshire, and Skegness, Lincolnshire, where she worked making sandwiches.

Mrs Howse said: "She was remarkable. She was perfectly all right until a month ago. She lived on her own until she was 110, then went in a nursing home."

Her funeral will take place at St Margaret's Church in North Elmsall on Friday.

She said her grandmother had brothers who lived

into their late 90s, and an auntie who lived until she was 104.