VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn arrives in Scarborough to warn of impact of no deal Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn talking to shoppers at the Market Hall.
Jeremy Corbyn talking to shoppers at the Market Hall.

Jeremy Corbyn has arrived in Scarborough to warn people about the impact of a no deal Brexit.

The Labour leader visited the Market Hall this morning to chat to shoppers about the potential increase in food prices that could result from Britain crashing out of the EU on October 31.

It comes as new research from the party revealed that a no deal outcome will cost families an extra £220 next year, the equivalent of an extra monthly food shop.

One of the residents Mr Corbyn spoke to was part-time teaching assistant Susan Ward who told the Labour leader about her struggles to make ends meet.

Mrs Ward said: "It's hard as it is now and prices are already going up with the uncertainty of Brexit so I am worried.

"We're very close to knocking on the doors of a food-bank because people who work part-time are finding it equally as hard as people who are living on benefits."

Speaking to the media, Mr Corbyn said that leaving without a deal would be "very very dangerous" and that a trade deal with the US could lead to "deregulation" and pose "a danger to the NHS".

His position, he said, is to campaign for a second referendum in which he would back remain.

During his visit, the Labour leader also spared a few moments to express his views on the challenges faced by coastal towns.

A recent report from the House of Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns highlighted how coastal communities have been "neglected" and their need to reinvent themselves.

Recognising that "Scarborough has not had the investment it needs" when it comes to infrastructure and transport, Mr Corbyn said a Labour government would bring "investment in the public realm", better transport links and "jobs for the future".