Ukip member in TV broadcast suspended
over ‘repellent’ views

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A UK Independence Party member featured in its latest election broadcast has been suspended for expressing “repellent” racist and anti-Islamic views on social media, the party said.

Andre Lampitt appeared in a builder’s hard hat in the Ukip film shown to TV viewers complaining that “since the lads from Eastern Europe” had arrived in the UK and undercut him, he had found it a “real struggle” to provide for his family.

But after being made aware of posts he previously made on Twitter, officials acted swiftly against Mr Lampitt – who is seeking to become a local election candidate.

“We are deeply shocked that Mr Lampitt has expressed such repellent views,” a spokesman said.

“His membership of the party has been suspended immediately pending a full disciplinary process.”

A spokesman said they were aware of at least six posts expressing “various extreme racist views” including anti-Islamic sentiments.

Party leader Nigel Farage has been forced to defend the party’s latest European elections poster campaign earlier – denying critics’ claims that hard-hitting anti-immigration messages were racist.

Mr Farage has pledged to root out individuals guilty of “real extremism and nastiness” in the party, which is coming under intense scrutiny ahead of the May 22 elections where it is tipped to top the national poll.

He has been forced to deal with a string of embarrassments, such as a local councillor who blamed the extreme winter floods on the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Mr Lampitt’s Twitter account appeared to have been deleted.

Mr Lampitt’s posting were reported to have included references to Islam as a “pathetic Satanic religion”, a desire to create a 
website named and a claim that “most 
Nigerians are generally bad people”.