Unearthed from the archive: Sheffield's original Full Monty

AN old film that once looked set to be consigned to the archives is to be released for public sale – after finding itself a place in cinema history that its makers could have never imagined.

City on the Move was the brainchild of Sheffield Council's first publicity officer, Peter Wigley, who took up the post in 1969 and still lives in the city.

The film, made to promote the Steel City, shows all the landmarks that will have a fond place in the hearts of many Sheffielders, such as the "Hole in the Road" – since filled in to make way for the Supertram, the Fiesta nightclub, once the biggest in Europe, and the "streets in the sky" of the then ground-breaking Park Hill Flats.

Confident and aspirational, the film shows a city on the up.

Decades after its release, however – when it was thought City on the Move had been long forgotten – its makers received an intriguing offer they could not refuse.

In 1997, after a long search, Jim and Marie-Luise Coulthard, who produced and directed the film for Mr Wigley, were tracked down by a film company planning a low-budget movie about a bunch of redundant steel workers turning to stripping for a living.

The Coulthards, pleased with the interest in their film after all this time, gladly accepted the company's offer of 400 for the rights to use some of their footage.

That film emerged as The Full Monty and by the time it received its fifth Oscar nomination, the couple had helped 20th Century Fox gross more than 180m.

Mr Wigley, 76, who now lives in Ranmoor, Sheffield, said that, in retrospect, the City on the Move film could have been sold for far more than 400 – but there was no indication at that time that The Full Monty would turn out to be the box office smash it was.

Now, for the first time, City On The Move, which has been retitled The Reel Monty, is going on public release, together with the 1980s follow-up, Sheffield International City and Sheffield 2008, a film produced by CreativeSheffield about the city's regeneration.

Brendan Moffet, director of strategic marketing at Creative Sheffield and the man now tasked with managing the city's image, said: "This was such significant film when it was released and it's amazing how many of the messages still ring true today – especially about lifestyle and liveability within the city."

The Reel Monty can be purchased for 12.95 from October 13 from www.thereelmonty.com