Unfair criticism of service from our NHS

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From: Don Metcalfe, Annes Court, Southowram, Halifax.

I READ of Jayne Dowle’s NHS experiences (The Yorkshire Post, July 7) with concern. Ten days ago, I went to Calderdale Royal Hospital for a hip joint replacement. The surgeon was excellent, all the staff were of the very best calibre. The food was very good. I returned home and had to use the weekend 111 service. The lady listened, took notes and a doctor rang me with a remedy within one hour. On Monday, I rang my own surgery with a request for a phone conversation with a doctor. I was told the home call slot for that day was full, but within two hours a doctor called and again gave a remedy which was electronically sent to our local chemist, who delivered the prescription to my home. Sorry Jayne – I cannot knock the NHS.

From: Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

I’M sorry that Jayne Dowle thinks that she should be seen by her GP as soon as she wants.

Before she launches such an attack on our overworked GPs, she should look at the number of failed attendances at her local surgery. Until this issue of these inconsiderate people is sorted out, I’m afraid Ms Dowle will continue her wait. A small charge if the patient attends his/her next appointment might help solve the problem.