Unimpressed with service from British Gas

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From: Michael Dale, Hill Street, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

I AM a British Gas customer, but have only been with them for a few years.

I received a letter from them advertising a new concept called Fix and Fall which they told me was being discontinued, but they wanted me to apply for the new scheme. In the same letter they told me that the new system for discount would be abandoned, but it was not their fault!

I also have a gas fire which 
they did not have anything to 
do with, but they rang up and asked about the servicing. I said it was not necessary but they told me that it would be included 
with the servicing of the gas 
boiler and it would only cost £45. A good deal I thought, so I 

At the last inspection and service the engineer came in with his box of tools, everything you could envisage, but his ‘servicing’ of the gas fire only produced an old paint brush and a box of matches for lighting the flue emission lighter.

He removed all the fire components then lit the emission lighter, brushed all the parts and put them back as they were.

The cost for this ‘service’ has gone up from the £45 to a current £60-plus figure. The £45 figure was only an introductory offer.

But then they now have left a message on the answering machine asking me to go outside and read the meter for them, come back and ring them with the reading!

I had the meter outside, at their request, so that they could read it for themselves, whether we were in or out.

Still, it is not all bad news – I got a letter telling me that my company interest has risen to +0.36 per cent!

British Gas have told us that their prices will rise by about 10 per cent, so guess where my additional 0.36 per cent will go?

British Gas, of course!