Unions set 
for austerity

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HUNDREDS of union protesters will take to streets of York today to protests against the coalition’s austerity programme.

The TUC union hopes to pull in protesters from across the region to march from York’s historic Clifford’s Tower through the city and past the Barbican Centre, where the Liberal Democrats are holding their annual spring conference.

The event will also mark international women’s day, with union leaders claiming the Government’s austerity drive has hit women particularly hard.

Yorkshire and Humber TUC regional secretary Bill Adams said: “The coalition Government’s austerity policies have driven down living standards, slashed public services, reduced economic recovery, increased personal and national debt and plunged huge numbers of people into poverty.

“The Liberal Democrats have gone along with a right-wing Conservative agenda, backed privatisation after privatisation from Royal Mail to within the NHS, and have broken a solemn promise to young people when they trebled tuition fees.

“Ministers claim ‘we’re all in this together’, but coalition MPs have voted through income tax cuts for the richest earners, have cut most to councils in poorer areas and demonised people in need of social security.

“There is a better way than austerity which involves investing in industries of the future, cutting tax-avoidance, ensuring people have enough money to spend on the high street, while supporting those in need of support over those who don’t need it.

“This demonstration will be a chance to show an alternative path forward.”