Unity call in campaign to cut cost of power

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A major consumer organisation is launching a campaign to get more energy customers to switch to cheaper tariffs by enabling them to group together in numbers to secure the best possible price for gas and electricity.

Which? said yesterday it has teamed up with the online campaigning group 38 Degrees to launch The Big Switch.

Interested consumers will be asked to sign up by March 31 and then energy companies will be invited to submit deals and take part in a reverse auction.

The winning deal will then be offered to everyone who signed up and Which? will then handle the switching process.

Executive director Richard Lloyd said: “Thousands of people tell us that they want a much better, affordable energy deal.

“It’s a £4bn free kick for the energy companies if so many of us stick with their more expensive tariffs.

“The Government, regulator and energy companies have failed to move quickly enough to improve things for consumers when so many are struggling to pay their bills.

“That’s why we decided to launch The Big Switch. This is a completely new way to buy energy as a group.

“The bigger the group, the stronger our bargaining power will be.”

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