Unthinkable that gift of life ends up in coffin

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From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

I CANNOT understand on the death of a loved one why families find a decision to donate their organs for transplant very difficult and the hardest decision of their lives.

If organs are not donated, there are only two results. The first is for them to be allowed to simply rot away following the deceased person’s burial, or alternatively destroying the organs by burning them in an incinerator during cremation.

How can this be the desired destination of organs that can give life? Isn’t a decision to allow them to be used to save another person’s life or provide several people with a huge increase in their quality of life far easier to make?

Wouldn’t this gift to others greatly assist in their grieving for the loss of their loved one, secure in the knowledge that they had given huge benefits to others?

I have heard some, who oppose organ transplant, say that God gave them the organs and these should be returned to Him on their death.

Why do they believe that God would wish his gift treated in 
this way and not used to help others?

It has always concerned me too, that when a person requests their organs to be donated their surviving family can overturn their wishes.

The deceased person’s desire to help their fellow human beings is being ignored and overruled by others, purely to accommodate the latter’s own feelings – how can this be permitted and in any way seen as just and 

On death I believe that 
donating organs so that other desperately ill people can begin to enjoy a life which most of us simply take for granted is a loving and correct gift, and to otherwise destroy them should 
be unthinkable.