Upset Sheffield man gets apology from BBC after TV documentary shows wrong mountain range

An upset TV viewer from Sheffield got an apology from the BBC after a TV documentary showed the wrong mountain range.

The Dolomites in Italy.

John Driskell spotted that the Beeb had shown footage of the Italian Dolomites in a segment about yak herding in the Himalayas during the first episode of the Earth's Natural Wonders

The show was aired on Valentine's Day on BBC One - and eagle-eyed Mr Driskell, 74 was quick to notice the blunder.

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He told The Times that any climber would recognise the scene as being the Dolomites.

He said: "I am beginning to lose faith in our much valued BBC."

The BBC was airing footage about Nepalese herders as they guided their yaks down a gorge.

The show's iPlayer edition has since removed the mistake.

A spokeswoman said: "When pointed out by a viewer, the error was immediately rectified, and the correct version replaced on iPlayer.

"This was a genuine mistake which we corrected at the earliest opportunity."

The BBC said the mistake was the result of human error.