Van man solution to appalling roadside litter

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From: Rowena (Bunty) Leder, Grassington, North Yorkshire.

THE whole of Yorkshire is in a most appalling state with litter.

It is going to need an army of volunteers to clean up the mess. Among blackspots are Skipton and Bingley bypass and the slip road to the A1 at Boston Spa, but there are dozens of others.

The only way to help us to be a litter-free county is for people to help their council men bottom the roads. They do not have enough men to do it. Once it has been bottomed, can I suggest the following in order for it not to get into this state again?

It is no good having a clean-up once every six months or in some cases once a year.

Every Monday morning and Friday afternoon, a small council van should go along designated roads with hazard lights on. A driver and agile man or lady can jump in and out of the van and pick up the odd pieces of litter. This is all that is needed. If it is left to accumulate the problem gets worse. It would not take more than two hours for the bypasses and roads to be kept litter free. The less there is the less appears. Please do not use health and safety as an excuse not to do it.

Would all councils in Yorkshire please adopt this suggestion? It would be so wonderful to drive around and not see ugly litter everywhere blighting our beautiful county.