Vandals set fire to Yorkshire sports club's bonfire pile just days before community fireworks display

Yobs have burned a carefully-constructed bonfire to the ground days before it was due to be set alight for a public display.

They targeted Doncaster Lawn Tennis Club, which hosts an annual community bonfire and fireworks display in its grounds every year, on Wednesday night.

The pile of wood is donated by members of the community very year and built up over several weeks before the event, which attracts hundreds of people.

Groundsman Russ Shelbourne posted photos of the damage, which saw the bonfire completely destroyed before Saturday night's display.

But an appeal for replacement wooden pallets has seen local residents and businesses pull together to collect enough items to build the fire back up to its original size.

The club confirmed on Facebook that the event would now go ahead as planned.

"We are getting a great response to our request for firewood and are in the process of rebuilding the bonfire.

"Very many thanks to everyone who has offered to help and to DLTC volunteers for getting the show back on the road."