Vauxhall keeps the wraps on genesis of a new Adam

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VAUXHALL’s new small car, so far known only as Junior, now has a name – Adam. At 145 inches long, the three-door, four-seater premium hatchback will challenge lots of other chic urban cars.

Vauxhall sees the Fiat 500 as its main rival, a model which has been extremely successful in its appeal to a cross-section of buyers.

Seen here is Adam’s debut with confusing body additions to foil photographers until Adam’s naked world debut at the Paris motor show in September, ahead of sales early next year.

Prices will have to start under or near £10,000 to challenge the cheapest Fiat 500 – though most cost considerably more.

The closest current Vauxhall is the Corsa – some eight inches longer than the Adam and with an entry model at £9,500. It has been designed and engineered in Germany by Vauxhall’s sister company, Opel, and will be built exclusively in Eisenach.

The finished shape is described as “muscular and sporty” and, like the Fiat 500 and the BMW Mini, there will be plenty of scope for personalising Adam with add-ons and upgrades. Maybe there will be an Apple version, or even an Eve?

Meanwhile Nissan’d premium quality Infiniti brand continues to flesh out its catalogue.

The latest is a high performance version of the G saloon called the G37xS. It has all-wheel-drive and a 316bhp 3.7 litre petrol V6 with seven automatic gears.

Figures are 149mph, 0-62 in six seconds, 25.7mpg (official combined average) and 255g/km of CO2.

Its eco-tread is far from green and means it will be a low volume seller in tax-strapped Great Britain.

Infiniti does, though, suggest an exciting and safe drive, combining the 4x4 traction with a torque-sensing system for maximum grip.

At £38,979 it has 18in wheels, sports front seats with 14-way adjustment, navigation, Bose audio, a reversing camera and touch-screen information systems. It becomes the only G model with 4x4 drive.

The GT models now revert to rear-wheel-drive and are the entry to the G series from £34,909.