Victim one: Bright teenager wanted to be nurse but ended up an addict

Suzanne Marguerite Blamires was an outgoing and intelligent young woman whose life spiralled out of control when she became addicted to drugs.

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Childhood photographs of Ms Blamires riding a horse and smiling happily for the camera are hard to reconcile with the sickening circumstances in which she died.

Tributes at her funeral remembered a "very clever" woman who was "cheeky" and "full of confidence" but whose once-promising career tragically descended into crime.

Born in Bradford on February 26, 1974, Ms Blamires flourished at school and achieved good A-level grades in psychology, sociology and English literature.

She also worked at a care home in her spare time, which only increased her desire to fulfil her teenage ambition to train as a nurse.

But she was drawn into the drug scene, and when the 36-year-old was reported missing in May this year, she had been working as a prostitute for a decade. She had tried to hide her lifestyle from her family.

Her mother, Nicky, said: "Our daughter was deeply loved and her death has left a huge hole in our lives.

"This will be the first Christmas we have spent without Suzanne in 36 years and I know I will never get over her loss.

"I wake up and think about my bright, articulate and much-loved daughter every day and I am serving a life sentence as a result of what that man has done.

"Quite simply no family deserves what we have gone through. All of these girls were people's daughters and much- loved human beings.

"Stephen Griffiths is a coward and we are shocked he pleaded guilty as it is not something I thought he would have the courage to do."

Ms Blamires wed Simon McGuinness in 1994, but the marriage broke down within four years and she returned home to live with her father Norman.

She fell into prostitution as her reliance on drugs grew and in 2001 she was fined for propositioning an undercover police officer outside Bradford University.

Known as Amber while on the game, she continued to work as a prostitute even after moving in with her boyfriend, Ifty Hussain, who allowed her to walk the streets to pay for the heroin they both needed.

They lived in a run-down house in Barkston Walk in Allerton, only three streets away from another of Griffiths's victims, Shelley Armitage.

Mr Hussain said: "I wish I had never let her work the streets. I hated her being a prostitute but turned a blind eye because we needed the cash."

More than 100 people gathered at St Columba's Catholic Church in Tong Street, Bradford, for a full requiem mass in Ms Blamires's memory in August.

Her white coffin, adorned with pink and white flowers, was carried in a horse-drawn hearse to the church, which is next to the primary school she attended.