Victim two: Double tragedy as grieving daughter works the streets

Susan Rushworth's battle with heroin was a family tragedy, which left her despairing mother heartbroken and even led to her daughter joining her on the streets to raise cash for drugs

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Her murder last year brought even more heartache, and resulted in the death of her father Barrie Thompson, who was unable to take the stress of not knowing where Griffiths had dumped her body.

Ms Rushworth's mother Christine Thompson said she never wanted to see another family go through the "horror" they had endured.

"As a family we have not been able to put our daughter to rest because she has not been found," Mrs Thompson said, "so we want to appeal to this man to tell us what he has done with Susan.

"She was a loving mother, daughter and sister and our family have been affected at every level by her murder.

"Our lives will never be the same without her and we are sure the stress and strain of the last 12 months contributed to the death of Susan's father, Barrie, who died on July 18.

"His final words were to ask for Susan and what grieves the family most of all is that Griffiths took away the opportunity for him to speak to her before he died."

A grandmother who suffered from epilepsy, Ms Rushworth developed a drug habit in 2002 after getting involved with "the wrong man" when her marriage collapsed, her family said.

Mrs Thompson, a retired school cleaner, paid 3,000 for Ms Rushworth to attend a rehabilitation clinic in Harrogate, but the treatment had only limited success.

Ten months later, Ms Rushworth was back on heroin – and selling her body on street corners in order to pay for it.

She never forgot the sacrifices her parents had made to help her. Three years ago she wrote them a letter, which read: "Dear Mum and Dad, you are the best mum and dad in the world.

"No other mum and dad would do what you have done for me.

"I would die for both of you. I love you so much."

Ms Rushworth was 43 when she was last seen on June 22, 2009, boarding a bus in Thornton Road to return to her flat in Oak Villas, Manningham.

She had been off heroin for six weeks, but police believe she tried to call her dealer that afternoon.

Ms Rushworth had wanted to beat her addiction for the benefit of her three children - James, Kirsty and Arron - and three young grandchildren.

Instead, however, Kirsty began taking heroin and crack cocaine herself and followed her mother into the seedy world of drug dependency and prostitution.

Kirsty has continued to work on the streets even after her mother disappeared and body parts belonging to Shelley Armitage and Suzanne Blamires were found in the river Aire.

She said: "Even though my mum's been murdered and two other girls are dead, I'm still working the streets. I haven't got a choice.

"I'm in a world I can't get out of and I'm terrified I'll end up like my mum and the other girls."