Victim was planning to free herself from drugs

THE boyfriend of murdered prostitute Suzanne Blamires has revealed the pair were planning to try to rid themselves of the heroin habit which she funded by working the streets.

Jobless Ifty Hussain, 37, shared a run-down house in Bradford with Ms Blamires, 36, said he regretted that she had been working as a prostitute.

Named "Shifty Ifty" by some neighbours, he allowed his partner to walk the streets to pay for the heroin they both needed.

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He said: "I wish I had never let her work the streets. I hated her being a prostitute but turned a blind eye because we needed the cash."

Ms Blamires's remains were discovered by police in the River Aire in


Mr Hussain said: "I wish it was me who was dead. We were planning to get clean in the next month, make a fresh start and get on with our lives together.

"She was so pretty she could have been a model," he said.

Mr Hussain also denied suggestions by some neighbours that there had been disputes between the two about her working the streets.