Victims who survived horror death crash in Sheffield may never fully recover

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The victims of a horror crash which claimed the lives of four of their relatives may never fully recover from their injuries, it has emerged.

Two men, a woman and a toddler died when the people carrier they were travelling in was hit by a stolen car during a police chase last November.

L-R: Elliott Bower; Declan Bower and Mason Cartledge have been jailed for a combined total of over 27 years

L-R: Elliott Bower; Declan Bower and Mason Cartledge have been jailed for a combined total of over 27 years

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The collision on Main Road, Darnall, claimed the lives of 35-year-old Adnan Ashraf, his 16-month-old son Muhammed and husband and wife Vlasta Dunova, 41, and Miroslav Duna, 50.

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Three others in the people carrier were also seriously injured, and it emerged yesterday that they may never full recover.

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Vlasta and Miroslav’s 22-year-old daughter, Nikola Dunova, suffered a ‘traumatic brain injury’ in the collision and ‘continues to receive ongoing medical support,’ according to South Yorkshire Police.

The force said medics initially feared that her three-year-old daughter, Livia Matova, who remained in hospital for over two months after the crash, would not survive.

She is now back home with her mum but the full extent her injuries on her cognitive development may not be known for a number of years.

A spokesman for the two families said the three survivors ‘suffered life changing injuries’ and revealed that Livia ‘may have been permanently blinded’.

At the time of the collision, police officers were chasing Elliott and Declan Bower, who were on the run after being circulated as ‘wanted’ by South Yorkshire Police over a number of offences including attempted murder.

Elliott, 19 and Declan, 23, both of Harborough Avenue, Manor, were jailed along with Mason Cartledge, 18, for a combined total of 27 years for their roles in the collision.

Elliott was behind the wheel and the other two men were passengers in the stolen car.

They were jailed yesterday after admitting their guilt.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Etheridge, who led the police probe into the collision, said: “While the physical scars from the injuries have thankfully healed, they will all still require ongoing medical support for a considerable time, such was the seriousness of the injuries that they sustained. However, the mental and heart-felt trauma of losing loved ones will never heal.