Victory over turbine scourge

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From: Charles Taylor, Hemingfield, Barnsley.

Good news indeed that the application for a wind turbine at Flamborough Head has been turned down (Yorkshire Post, July 5).

It is to be hoped that 
residents in any other area similarly threatened will take heart from this latest ruling and demonstrate that determined opposition can get the desired result.

However, in the continuing campaign against onshore turbines, it must be understood that it is not only Areas of 
Natural Beauty and the like 
that are worthy of being 

The proponents of further installations seem to imply that those living anywhere other than a beauty spot won’t mind or even notice a bit more despoliation of their area.

In fact, onshore wind 
turbines are not acceptable anywhere, and those living in 
less salubrious places should in fact be entitled to the 
greater consideration in the preservation of their living environment.

Grey area over new versions

From: Michael Iveson, Summerbridge, Harrogate.

I have always felt 
uncomfortable when 
classical works have been tinkered with to produce a modern version. For example, 
I never enjoy a Shakespeare 
play in modern dress and 

However, that pales into insignificance when I read 
that a publisher of adult 
fiction is planning an erotic makeover of works by the 
Brontës and Jane Austen, following the success of 50 
Shades Of Grey, which seems 
to indicate a desire for such fiction.

Surely it is sacrilege to meddle with great works in this way, and a sad reflection on the reading public.