Video: Bradford shop worker fights off would-be raider

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A shop owner who tried to disarm a raider needed stitches in his head after he was repeatedly attacked with a hammer.

The man was also treated for cuts and bruises to his face after the attack - which police are linking to three other attempted robberies in Bradford and Keighley within less than 24 hours. On each occasion a lone, masked man demanded money but was unsuccessful in his attempts.

Police videograb of the suspect

Police videograb of the suspect

Detective Inspector Neil Benstead, of Bradford CID, said: “At this stage we believe the incidents are linked; it is still possible that what happened this morning is not connected, however we are investigating every possibility. On each occasion the victims were left shaken and, in two cases, they have physical injuries as a result of what occurred.”

The manager of a bookmakers on Allerton Road, Bradford, escaped with minor bruises after he fought off the suspect who threatened him with a hammer outside the premises at 1.05pm on Thursday. Later that day at 5.15pm the owners of a convenience store in Staveley Road, Keighley, were threatened by a man with a hammer who demanded money but they were able to activate the alarm and he fled empty-handed.

When the suspect went into a convenience store on Thornton Road just before 9pm demanding money and brandishing a small claw hammer, the owner tried to disarm him but was repeatedly struck with the hammer. The attacker smashed his way through a Perspex screen and out of the shop and his face was uncovered and captured on CCTV.

The female resident of a pub on Girlington Road was approached by a man as she came out of a side door at 6.45am yesterday. She managed to lock the door and get away. The suspect is described as dark skinned, 20 to 35, slim, 5ft 7 to 6ft and clean shaven.

Anyone with information should call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.