Video - Britain’s fattest lab put on strict diet after well-meaning Kent owners stuffed ‘Dinky Dan’ until he became a FLABRADOR

Britain’s fattest Labrador is being put on a strict diet after well-meaning owners stuffed ‘Dinky Dan’ with so much food he ballooned to TWICE the size he should be.

Despite his dainty name, when he was rescued Dan tipped the scales at a whopping 115lbs – more than a baby hippo. Big fat black Lab Dan will be steering clear of festive treats this Christmas, as staff at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Canterbury, Kent, have put him on a strict diet. The seven-year-old portly pooch has been put on a strict calorie controlled diet and exercise plan to help him slim down and shift his extra pounds, as a normal Labrador his age should weigh around 55lbs.

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