Video - Burned-out fish factory causes months of misery for residents – after plague of millions of FLIES

Residents had their summers ruined because every time they go outside they are bombarded with millions of massive black flies - as well as the putrid stench of decomposing fish.

More than 80 firefighters were called to the blaze in Rainham, east London which broke out in July and ruined a warehouse, two cottages and the Shapla Frozen Foods factory.

Health and safety deemed the buildings too unsafe to enter so the £1 million worth of frozen fish and seafood inside the huge factory have been left to rot – creating swarms of flies from millions of maggots.

Kay Knight, 71, lives 200 yards from the building. She said: “We just can’t go outside to enjoy the summer since all of this has happened.

“We tried to have a barbecue, but we were covered in flies. It’s just been horrible.