VIDEO: Is this chilling moment ghost of dead minister moves door at haunted South Yorkshire church?

This is the terrifying moment the ghost of a dead minister moved a door at a haunted former church, according to a paranormal investigator.

Paranormal investigator Phil Sinclair.

South Yorkshire ghost hunter Phil Sinclair says the minister spoke to him and also made its presence felt during an investigation at the church between Barnsley and Rotherham earlier this week.

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"I definitely feel the minister was trying to make contact."

Paranormal investigator Phil Sinclair.

Phil and cameraman Ash Cox were exploring the former church, now known as a community centre called the Comeback Centre in Brampton when they say they were contacted from the other side.

The clip shows Phil acting with surprise as a ghost contacts him through an Ovilus - a device which detects environmental readings and turns them into words.

He then turns to see a door at the community centre swing on its hinges.

"I feel I made the greatest capture in all my time I've been paranormal investigating. I feel I made contact with the minister of a haunted chapel who went on to communicate by moving the door."

Sheffield based Phil said: "Readers need to see this footage."