VIDEO: Doncaster dance DJ's delight as he spots Doncaster Rovers flag in crowd at Parklife music festival

This is the moment a Doncaster DJ beamed with delight - after spotting a Doncaster Rovers flag at a huge music festival.

Mella Dee spots a Doncaster Rovers fan at Parklife. (Photo: Twitter/Mella Dee).

Doncaster dance music star Mella Dee was performing to a huge crowd at last weekend's Parklife music festival in Manchester when he spotted a fan waving a Doncaster Rovers flag just yards from the front of the stage.

Spotting the banner being waved among the dancing crowd, the star, whose real name is Ryan Aitchison, momentarily breaks off from the decks to turn to a camera filming his set and beams with delight as he points out the flag.

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The dance music ace, a fast rising star on the UK DJ scene, drew big crowds to his weekend set at the city's Heaton Park.

He first hit the scene as one half of Mista Men, producing garage and house tracks but has since moved into the solo arena as a producer, experimenting with a wide range of sounds and is now based in London.