Video: Ferret runs amok in Scarborough

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An albino ferret brought traffic to a standstill in Scarborough.

The pet was loose in Castle Road just after 6.30pm on Wednesday (July 8) and made a couple of death-defying dashes across the road, causing drivers to slam on the brakes and swerve to avoid it.

This video was captured by Scarborough News reporter Carl Gavaghan.

He said: “I could hear some commotion and the screeching of tyres and heard someone yell ‘there’s a rat in the road’.

“I saw it was obviously not a rat but a white ferret, it seemed a bit spooked and gave a woman in front of me a bit of a fright before slipping down an alleyway and into a drainpipe.”

UPDATE: We can now report that the ferret is called Fidget and is back home safe and sound.

Matt Mitchell contacted us to say: “Oh dear.

“This was my ferret. He pushed open the top of his cage and got out.

“He wandered back onto Clifton Street shortly after. He’s home safe and well now, daft as a brush he is”