Video: Heartbreak of dog left to go blind

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Horrified vets have spoken of the “worst case” of neglect they have ever seen after this dog was dumped outside their practice with hair so matted it had caused her to go blind.

The emaciated and elderly poodle was ditched outside the vets in Sheffield, in a cardboard box, which simply read “dog inside” on the front.

Molly Graham with Peggy the poodle. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Molly Graham with Peggy the poodle. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

But when staff opened the box they found Peggy, whose fur had become so matted around her eyes that she was unable to blink – meaning the pooch developed agonising eye ulcers which had caused her to go blind in both eyes.

She was also had a mouthful of rotten teeth and was severely malnourished.

Anne Bernabe, 35, who works at Highfield Veterinary Centre, said: “We were all horrified by what we saw when we opened the box – it was extremely upsetting to see.

“It’s definitely the worst case of neglect any of us have ever witnessed in our entire careers. It’s just unimaginable how anybody could do this to a defenceless, elderly animal.”

The pooch, thought to be between eight and 13, was found by staff at around 8am on April 28 – and it is thought she had been dumped some time on the Sunday.

She was immediately rushed inside, washed, trimmed, and fed up on regular dog food.

Sadly, her eyes were so badly damaged that vets decided they would have to be removed entirely.

Vet Molly Graham was so upset by what had happened to the dog that she has been fostering her.

Molly said: “She is such a sweetie and all the staff were so upset by what has happened to her – but she is doing amazingly well, despite her ordeal.

“It is clear the dog had been in this condition for a while and the hair over her eyes was so matted that both eyes had ulcerated causing blindness.”

The incident has been reported to the RSPCA and inspector Jennie Ronksley is now looking into it.