Video: Here’s one the BBC made earlier: Treasures on show in Bradford

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IN 1922 Huddersfield Town beat Preston North End 1-0 in the FA Cup Final and the British Empire ruled one quarter of the globe.

It was also the year the BBC was established and, on November 14, made its first transmission.

Iain Logie Baird, Curator of Broadcast Culture at the National Media Museum, Bradford

Iain Logie Baird, Curator of Broadcast Culture at the National Media Museum, Bradford

Now, 90 years on, all-conquering Yorkshire football and the Empire are distant memories but the BBC is now the world’s largest broadcaster in terms of staff employed and is celebrating its rich history by donating a collection of almost 1,000 historical objects to Bradford’s National Media Museum.

It features important radio and television studio equipment used by the BBC over its 90-year history, plus production props, radio and television receivers, branding and merchandising objects. A display of selected objects will open to the public at the museum tomorrow – 90 years to the day since the BBC made its first radio broadcast. It includes microphones such as one of the original Big Ben microphones used to capture the sounds of the bell in 1924 and a nostalgic “Lip microphone” dating from 1937, specially designed by the BBC to block background noise from sports commentary.

Other highlights will feature in future displays, including a rare Blattnerphone, a broadcast recording device used to capture the voice of Neville Chamberlain as he announced the outbreak of war to the nation in 1939.

The head of BBC History, Robert Seatter, said: “I’m delighted that this BBC collection is being shared with the National Media Museum. I hope this donation will enable more people to connect with the history of the BBC, which, of course, is all our history.”

In another event marking the 90th anniversary, more than 55 BBC radio stations will stage Radio Reunited – the first attempt at a simultaneous broadcast since what was then the British Broadcasting Company was formed in 1922. The broadcast will be live tomorrow from the National Media Museum’s sister museum, London’s Science Museum, which is now home to the original 2LO transmitter that made the first BBC broadcast on November 14, 1922.