VIDEO: Hilarious moment man dressed as Margaret Thatcher confronted by booing 'miners' in brilliant Doncaster stag do clip

This is the hilarious moment a man dressed as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was booed by a group of placard waving 'miners' after stunning shoppers with a walkabout through Doncaster town centre.

Groom Aaron Beach as Margaret Thatcher meets up with a group of miners outside Doncaster railway station. (Photo: Wayne Ryalls).

Groom Aaron Beach dressed up in the former PM's trademark blue suit - complete with famous handbag - and shouted 'Vote Conservative' at bemused shoppers as 'she' strolled through the Frenchgate Centre as giggling pals filmed the hilarious scenes on mobile phones.

But when 'Maggie' arrived at Doncaster railway station, she was met by a group of booing 'miners' dressed in traditional gear waving 'Maggie Out' and 'Tory Scum' placards as they chanted famed Miners' Strike slogan 'Coal Not Dole' at her in front of confused rail passengers.

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But rather than a throwback to the bitter year-long conflict of 1984-85 between Thatcher and the miners which paralysed Doncaster's pits, the clip, which has gone viral, was all part of a fancy dress stag do for Aaron, who is due to tie the knot later this year.

Groom Aaron Beach as Margaret Thatcher meets up with a group of miners outside Doncaster railway station. (Photo: Wayne Ryalls).

Best man Wayne Ryalls, who captured the comical scenes on camera, said: "It was me that came up with the idea as we both have mining backgrounds.

"Our fathers and grandfathers did it and I know how much the groom disliked Maggie Thatcher so I thought it was perfect."

"Then I wanted to make it as funny and embarrassing as possible so I thought I'd get him to walk through the Frenchgate Centre on our way to the train station."

The clip shows Aaron as Maggie - complete with trademark bouffante hair - strolling through the Frenchgate on Saturday morning, waving at shoppers and urging them to vote Conservative as a hysterical Wayne films reactions to the hilarious sight.

"Morning madam, can I rely on your vote?," he says in the five minute walk through the shopping centre, which includes a clip of him cheekily baring his bottom on an escalator.

In one scene, shoppers seated on a bench are asked: "Do you like Maggie Thatcher?" with one replying 'shoot her.'

At one stage, Wayne, tells viewers: "I can't cope!" as he collapses in hysterics at shoppers' reactions.

The group were headed to Butlins at Skegness for an 80s weekend and Wayne added: "Obviously Thatcher is very much an 80's figure - I thought it was perfect.

"Then I got together with a few lads and they all got dressed up as miners and made loads of banners so he could be heckled as he walked out of the Frenchgate.

"To be honest it went better than expected as the general public got involved.

"Some of the older boys on the stag do - including the groom's dad - are ex miners so it probably brought back some memories for them but everybody seemed to love it. The reaction was incredible."

Aaron is due to get married in Cyprus in July.

During the year-long conflict between Thatcher's Tory government and the National Union of Mineworkers, led by Arthur Scargill, the Prime Minister became a hate figure in South Yorkshire and street parties were held to celebrate her death in 2013.