VIDEO: Huge METEOR SHOWER set to be visible over skies of Yorkshire tonight

Stargazers are in for a treat as a huge meteor shower is set to be visible over the skies of Yorkshire tonight.

The night sky.

The peak of the Geminid meteor shower will take place from this evening, Wednesday, December 13, until dawn tomorrow, Thursday, December 14.

According to astronomers you might get to see a Geminid meteor every minute or two on average from 10pm tonight if the sky is dark and clear enough.

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NASA advises all stargazers to seek out the Geminid meteors in the pre-dawn hours, when the peak is at its most intense.

The Geminids have been known to produce more than 100 meteors an hour during their peak and stargazers are expecting a dazzling show.

But in the event that you miss out on the main display, the good news is individual meteors will continue to burst out between now and December 16.

This year, Royal Observatory Greenwich is expecting up to 75 meteors an hour during the peak of the Geminids shower.

The Observatory said: "Hunting for meteors, like the rest of astronomy, is a waiting game, so it's best to bring a comfy chair to sit on and to wrap up warm as you could be outside for a while.

"They can be seen with the naked eye so there's no need for binoculars or a telescope, though you will need to adjust your eyes to the dark."

The dazzling shooting stars are the space debris left behind in the wake of the barreling asteroid 3200 Phaethon.

The Geminid meteors are of particular interest to scientists because they appear to intensify in strength every year.

Astronomers think that this may be due to Jupiter’s gravity pulling the meteor closer to Earth.

Since being discovered in the mid-1880s, the Geminids have grown from 10 to 20 meteors an hour to upwards of 100.