Video: I’ve never taken a day off sick in 30 years

A DEDICATED worker says he has never taken a sick day - and also didn’t miss one day of school through illness.

Marshall Sharp. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Marshall Sharp, 37, began his spotless record when he started school in 1986 and continued the unblemished stretch until he left in 1994.

The hard-working father-of-three began work as an apprentice engineer after leaving school but after 20 years of working as an electrician decided he wanted to work around education.

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Now he works as site manager at Dixons Trinity Academy, Dixons Music Academy and Dixons McMillan in Bradford, in order to inspire other pupils to have a strong work ethic.

Marshall Sharp. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

He says he has never had a day off sick - at school or work.

He said: “You have just got to keep on and battle through if you are ill. I can also say I have never been late for school or work either. I’m proud of that.”

Marshall’s record stretches back to 1986 and takes him through his time at Leaventhorpe Middle School and Rhodesway Upper School, West Yorkshire.

He then left school in 1994 to work for Slingsby’s engineering company as an apprentice and then a fully-qualified electrician.

Marshall, of Thornton, Bradford, left this job in March last year to take on his current role.

Since 1986, he has only had three authorised days off when his father, also named Marshall, died in 2009.

Marshall has three children - Josh, 13, Ellie, 10, and Archie, four - who attend nearby Thornton Grammar and Primary school.