Video: Leeds pub roof destroyed in blaze sparked by cannabis factory

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AN investigation has been launched after a Leeds pub was partially destroyed in a fire sparked by a cannabis farm in the attic.

Customers were evacuated from the Royal Hotel in Town Street, Armley, after the second floor was engulfed in flames on Wednesday night.

The incident scene.

The incident scene.

No-one was injured and the blaze was extinguished in the early hours of yesterday. (June 11)

But police remained at the scene as firefighters removed loose roof tiles.

Officers had to direct traffic around growing piles of debris on the street.

Tin foil – used by growers to retain heat and light inside cannabis farms – could be seen lining the walls inside the attic.

Det Insp Sean Duggan, of Leeds CID, said yesterday (June 11): “Following work with fire investigators, the cause is thought to have been an electrical fault with a cannabis farm which was discovered in a rented room in the attic of the property.

“Enquiries are ongoing to trace the tenant and at this stage no arrests have been made.

“Work is continuing to dismantle the cannabis farm and roads around the site continue to be affected due to concerns over the safety of the building’s roof, which was badly damaged in the fire.”

Thomas Smith, who lives in Armley, said he wasn’t surprised there was a cannabis farm inside the building.

“When you walk down the street you always see drug dealers hanging around,” he said.

Shopkeeper Naser Rahimi said the pub was busy at the time of the incident.

He said: “Because it was a sunny day there were lots of people drinking outside. When I first got here I thought there had been a fight. At least no-one was hurt.”