VIDEO: Now Doncaster MP Ed Miliband sings death metal with Napalm Death on Radio 2 show

First he got his records mixed up, then he talked toilets - now Doncaster MP Ed Miliband has been singing death metal on his Radio 2 show.

Ed Miliband has been singing with Napalm Death on Radio 2.

The former Labour leader, who has been standing in for Jeremy Vine on the popular lunchtime show, stunned listeners once more by having a go at death metal with Napalm Death frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway.

During the discussion, entitled "why does anyone like death metal," the Doncaster North MP chatted with the singer of West Midlands grindcore band - before attempting his own take on the musical genre.

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This morning, ahead of the interview, he had jokingly tweeted: “I’ve been a groupie for SO long, been to the gigs, got the T-shirt, now’s my chance to meet Napalm Death in person….”

After letting out a shout of his own Greenway then encouraged Ed to have a go - but the resulting yell wasn't "throaty" enough for the musician whose band have released 15 albums.

The segment is the latest in a series of incidents that have been keeping the show's 7m listeners entertained during Mr Miliband's week long stint.

On Monday, he introduced a song as being by The Verve - before Queen's Radio Gaga came on instead while yesterday he was forced to apologise after a caller went into great detail about his toilet habits on the airwaves, telling a shock Ed that "if you've done a big job, it leaves skid marks."

During the segment, he even asked listeners to flush their loos at him over the phones so he could compare the sounds of old cisterns in action.