Video of the day: Dancing lollipop man is a hit with kids

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A DANCING lollipop in the Peak District man has been nicknamed “Jolly Lolly” after his roadside gyrations became a hit with school children.

What started as way for Alan Filbee to warm up in the cold has fast made him a celebrity in his home village of Old Whittington near Dronfield, and earned the 43-year-old a loyal fanbase.

Alan Filbee. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Alan Filbee. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Dad-of-one Alan has been a dedicated lollipop man for the past four years but only started grooving last year, in an attempt to keep warm.

The Elvis fan said: “It just took off from there. It makes me feel good and hopefully it makes others feel good too. I love doing it.

“I don’t listen to any music but I start by making a noise to myself, like a do-do-do noise, and then I just start moving around.

“I just improvise. It depends how I am feeling that day.”

Fleet-footed Alan’s gyrating has even gathered an unofficial fan club, with drivers tooting their horn as they pass the crossing outside Mary Swanwick Primary School.

He said: “I get people coming up to me and telling me I’ve made their day after seeing me dance. I love making people happy.

“If I get the adults and children across the road safely then I’ve done a good job and I might have a dance to celebrate.

“The best part of the job is getting the kids across safely, but if I can make people happy while I do it, that’s a bonus.

“If you wake up, it is going to be a good day.

“It doesn’t matter if it is cold or it is raining, you get up and make that day what you want it to be.”

A Derbyshire Council spokesman said: “It’s great to see the community has taken their school crossing patrol officer so much to heart.”

Alan, who also works in Iceland, has an 18-year-old daughter Chloe who is at college studying art and design.