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Twenty-eight days after taking office, Donald Trump has claimed his administration is running “like a fine-tuned machine”.

But his presidency, much like his election campaign, has been plagued by controversy.

President Donald Trump at a news conference in the White House

President Donald Trump at a news conference in the White House

Shortly after his inauguration Mr Trump got into a spat with the press, which he accused of lying about the size of the crowd gathered to watch him make his first speech as president.

He claimed he had seen what looked like “a million, a million and a half people” as he spoke, but pictures appeared to show acres of empty space on the National Mall, where an estimated 1.8 million people stood to see his predecessor Barack Obama in 2009.

He has continued what was already a strained relationship with the media, accusing it of “bias and hatred” towards him and batting away attempts by reporters to “fact-check” his public statements.

In his latest embarrassment he wrongly stated that his Electoral College victory had been the largest of any president since Ronald Reagan, and when countered by a reporter he dismissed the inaccuracy, saying he’d been “given that information”.

In his first four weeks, Mr Trump has reiterated one of his main campaign pledges to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

The estimated cost of the wall has varied, but Mr Trump has suggested it could be around 12 million dollars.

A planned visit by Mexico’s leader Enrique Pena Nieto to Washington was cancelled last month amid disagreement over who will pay for the wall.

Mr Trump’s planned state visit to the UK this year has prompted almost two million people to sign a petition calling for it to be downgraded.

Following his positive tone about Vladimir Putin during the campaign, the president has dismissed as “fake news” reports that he and members of his administration have close links to Russia.

He told reporters he has “nothing to do with Russia”, adding: “To the best of my knowledge no person that I deal with does”.

Earlier this week his national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to step down after it was revealed he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russia. Since then his first choice as a replacement, Vice Admiral Robert Harward, has turned down the job.