Video: Seeing the light in Bradford’s newest gallery

They have been operating from a working darkroom within a museum gallery.

Artists in residence Martha Jurksaitis and Christian Hardy have been working from the darkroom within a gallery at the National Media Museum, in Bradford, to create analogue photographs and film.

Their work focuses on the challenges of extreme lighting conditions, represented as one ‘dark planet’ and one ‘light planet’ and yesterday their final exhibit was unveiled to the public.

Christian said yesterday: “We visited Iceland for its long days to produce images and film for the Light Planet, and we used the excellent Magna Museum in Rotherham, a former steelworks, as the setting for the Dark Planet.”

The pair have also printed a DIY film developing guide which visitors can pick up for free from the museum.

Since Light Fantastic: Adventures in the Science of Light opened at the National Media Museum in July, and the artists in residence have been producing and displaying work from their project Double Exposure: A Tale of Two Planets in Darkness and Light.