VIDEO: 'Superman' Luke Junior flies into action to help pregnant dog deliver puppies in Sheffield city centre

Security guard Luke Junior knows a thing or two about helping others - as he was praised for his bravery four years ago for apprehending a shoplifter while dressed as SUPERMAN.

Luke Junior helping the dog.

Flash forward, Superman-style, to present day and the 28-year-old 'Man of Steel' was called upon to perform heroics once again - this time to help a pregnant dog to deliver her puppies.

The father-of-one hit the national headlines in 2013 when he made a daring citizen's arrest on a shoplifter - who had ran off with some bacon from a nearby shop - while dressed as the comic book hero for a charity fundraising event in Sheffield.

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And the Beighton man was performing yet more heroics on Saturday afternoon when he was asked to leave his post as a security guard at a shop on The Moor and help a pregnant dog which had gone into labour in the street.

Luke Junior as Superman.

Luke said: "A member of the public came up to me and said a dog was giving birth to puppies in the street and asked if I could help. I couldn't believe it at first but I went over and it was true.

"One of them was having difficulty breathing so I cleared its airways and rubbed it with a towel to keep it warm as the mother was exhausted.

"There was quite a big crowd there too so I had to keep them back to give the dog some space.

"It was certainly unexpected and something that I've never done before."

Luke Junior as Superman.

He added that he had completed some first aid training to help any customers who fall ill just a couple of weeks before.

Said Luke: "The training was to use on people, not dogs - but I suppose it must have helped!"

He added that it is certainly unusual to have been involved in two calls to action within a few years of each other.

"People have been saying to me on Facebook I should have had my cape with me and things like that. I was just happy to help. I couldn't just stand by and not do anything."

He added that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog, named Amber, belongs to a homeless couple who were also at the scene.

Said Luke: "They were both very grateful that we helped their dog. The man said he has owned Amber for nine years."

Another bystander Daniel Cormack, aged 19, of Sheffield, rang the RSPCA and it is believed the dog was taken to their animal centre in Attercliffe where she eventually gave birth to nine puppies.

Daniel said: "I think it shows the great community spirit that we have in Sheffield to see that people will help you out whoever you are."